7th International Workshop on the Design & Semantics of Form & Movement. 18-20 April 2012


Call for Papers, Performances and Demonstrations Announced

Design semantics—or the making of meaning through ‘matter’—is of increasing relevance to the practice of design in the twenty-first century. Rapidly evolving techniques and processes are creating pathways for new modes of interactivity, expression, and experience. What new engagements are being created and what boundaries blurred in the digital age? How is digital design and manufacturing changing relationships between designers, producers, and users? What role does the ‘material’ play in an increasingly ‘immaterial’ culture of design? Can we maintain notions of creator and ownership when all objects are digital and effortlessly duplicated? How will the products of design be valued when the engines of creation become both powerful and commonplace? DeSForM 2012: MEANING.MATTER.MAKING will critically address these questions and others, exploring the design of physical and digital things, systems and environments with the aim of articulating how meaning is both created and conveyed in the twenty-first century. Read more here.